Her Day, His Day: Managing Pre-Wedding Stress with Massage

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life: a new chapter with new adventures. But did you know, for many, stress can take over way before the big day arrives? What types of things come to mind when trying to handle stress during this epic time? Is it delegating certain tasks to friends or family members? How about taking a look at healthy stress management habits? Did you ever imagine one of those habits could be in the form of therapeutic massage? Well it can be and here’s why.

Massage works. It eases pain and stress-even in intractable settings, such as planning a wedding. The key to managing pre-wedding stress is acknowledging you do have complete control of your wedding and willingness to make time for yourself with therapeutic massage. Our trained and professional therapists, here at LaVida Massage, take time speaking with you before and after a session, addressing your particular needs. One session such as relaxation or deep tissue, can help you gain control of your disposition and improve your mood. It also improves sleep and enhances circulation making you feel refreshed and ready to go. It keeps your mind alert helping you make sound decisions without feeling anxious. The more energy you have, the more you can do to move forward with your plans without feeling unaccomplished.

Taking time for yourself during this important phase is something both of you need to do. It is an opportunity for self-care and can provide you with a bit of relaxation during hectic times. Remember, this is your wedding; the wedding is just the beginning of a happy life together. Managing stress in a positive way will help you enjoy the wedding planning by keeping you calm. Let LaVida Massage be a part of your healthy stress management habit, helping you look and feel your best on your special day!